2020 pushed the world into adopting more virtual solutions than ever before.

With continued reliance on technology for remote work and communication, your company’s online footprint is front and center. We want to help you make the most of your impact—in an increasingly digital world—with our 2021 Digital Trends Report.

Lasting Effects on Business


Say the 2020 public crises should catalyze business improvement


Expect companies to accelerate digital initiatives


Say how a company acts now reveals its trustworthiness


Expect to do more online shopping after the pandemic than before

The Right Message for the Moment



Tone-Smart Promotion

Compared to product-driven methods for consumers, B2B’s marketing approach is rational and relationship-driven.

Looking forward, it’s expected that messaging focus on using human language rather than a more technical approach.

Convince & Convert and Medium

Messaging reflects top concerns stemming from the pandemic: business stability, steady idea vs. adapting product, and intentional connection.

Marketing During The Covid-19 Crisis



Podcasts Increasing in Popularity

70% of U.S. adults are familiar with podcasts.

80% of people will listen to an entire podcast episode, indicating high content engagement.

63% made a purchase after hearing a podcast ad.

Podcast Trends 2021

Security & Technology Advances

600% increase in cyber attacks across industries observed from January–April 2020

Cybersecurity has become more relevant again. Hackers have exploited the coronavirus pandemic to expand their campaigns of attacks against businesses worldwide.

Fintech News

A rise in “Headless tech” allows businesses to separate their front-end presentation layer from their back-end data functionality to create custom experiences.

Brands that master two-way conversational marketing and commerce will also deploy
chatbots and AI.


Video & Animated Content Boost Engagement

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it through video, with online videos being 600% more effective than print and direct mail advertising combined. 

Social Media Week & Social Media Today

Consumers expect businesses to show a greater alignment with the needs and values of a more diverse population. Socially aware marketing is favorable for business reputation.



of people watch videos online each week.


of video marketers report video gives them positive ROI.


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